Super Mario Maker 2 Gets Speedy Update

Super Mario Maker 2 gets a new update this week and it adds a new game mode and playable content when it gets off the starting line on Thursday.

Named Update 2.0, because who needs a catchy title, the latest update to Super Mario Maker 2 brings a bunch of new additions for free. Most exciting is the addition of a speedrun mode to this bespoke Mario builder. The speedrun mode is exactly what you’d expect from a test of skill and performance. Players tackling the speed mode will be able to take on a selection of prefabricated courses and play to get the very best time on the board. While you run the gauntlet, you’ll find the ghosts of other players folwing you, or leaving you for dust as you attempt to be the very best. Clearing each of these courses will allow players to gather stamps that are tradeable for Mii costumes.

Gamers will also find a few new bits in their toolbox as part of the update. New course parts to join the game include the Dash Block, Frozen Coin, Pokey, and Spike. While this should let you craft even more great games to play through, this isn’t the end of the update.

Hyrule Hero

There is also some crossover content for Nintendo fans. While that doesn’t mean we’re seeing Mario Tennis Aces, Hyrule’s Link will also join the plumbers and co as you race across the horizon. Hyrule’s bravest will join the game’s 8-bit Super Mario Bros pallet and will require a little work. Once you’ve managed to grab the game’s master Sword item Link will become available adding the option to use his sword, drop bombs, and shoot arrows from his bow. This should make him a powerful ally for those goomba infested areas.

Super Mario maker 2 is the sequel to Nintendo’s Mario maker game. Released in September 2019, it allows players to build their very own version of Super Mario World, share them with friends, and even compete to build the best course. Suffice to say, it had a positive reception and further cemented the Nintendo Switch as a required buy for Mario fans. Find out more about Super Mario maker 2 on the official website now.


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