Super Mario Maker 2 Launches June 28 for Switch

Just in time for summer, Nintendo has announced a release date for the upcoming sequel to the hugely popular Super Mario Maker that premiered on the Wii U system. On June 28th, Super Mario Maker 2 is slated to release for the Switch. Players will have a whole new world of possibilities including creating and playing their very own Super Mario courses and challenges.

Super Mario Maker 2 promises a host of new tools, items, and features, including the all-new ability to create slopes. All of this will open up a whole new experience of creation where the possibilities are nearly limitless.

Now you can expand your mind over the summer while having fun challenging yourself and your friends.

For more information visit the official Super Mario Maker 2 site.

What is Super Mario Maker 2?

Super Mario Maker 2 is the sequel to the Wii U title that came out in 2015. As a result of a host of new items, players create their own custom courses using pieces from across the entire Mario series. Builders will find a ton of new elements including new enemies, tools, and themes. Many of these came from Super Mario 3D World from the Wii U. These courses can even be shared online with the world. Players who run the courses will see a side-scrolling style of gameplay.


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