Super Meat Boy Forever Reveals Release Date

Super Meat Boy, the infamous new update in the Super Meat Boy franchise has finally got a release date. Get ready for a meaty adventure on 23 December 2020.

That’s right, The follow up to 2010 platforming phenomenon Super Meat Boy, is finally through the grind and is about to serve up on PC. On 23 December 2021 Super Meat Boy Forever is due to hit the Epic Games Store.

Alongside even more of the same side-scrolling action that fans of the Meat Boy series know and love, Super Meat Boy is set to move the entire saga on. Following the events of the original, Meat Boy and partner Bandage Girl have had a child. Dr. Fetus is, however, still at large and has kidnapped little defenceless Nugget. It’s up to anybody brave enough to take on a new slew of platforming action and sharp implements to save the this kidnapped child.

Along the way, players can expect to meet a menu of brand new characters, as well as using some new moves. Meat Boy has been working out and now packs a right fist that packs a mean whollup! This adds extra action with a new set of slide and plummet moves, giving players even more ways to fall to their death across this new adventure. It’s not just the moves that have changed for this new encounter either. Levels in Super Meat Boy Forever are randomly generated and each time the game has completed, the option to replay the game appears and generates a whole new experience by presenting different levels with their own unique secret locations. This seems like something of an epic upscale sine Super Meat Boy originally captured our fleshbag hearts in 2008 as a free flash game.

To say we are surprised Super Meat Boy is due so soon is something of an understatement. Not long ago we caught the live stream of gameplay and a ‘when it’s ready’ due date from Team Meat. Now we know what we’re having for dinner on our holiday break. Check out more on Super Meat Boy Forever over at the official website now.

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