Super Mega Baseball 2 Celebrates Spring Training with Customization

The Super Mega Baseball 2 team has sent out a great new video in celebration of Spring Training. In it, you learn how to give your squad just the right look before hitting the field.

It’s not just uniforms, either. You can put together a kit that screams, “LOOK AT ME!” Even important skills can be unique including batting and pitching abilities, gender and more.

Super Mega Baseball 2 Hoping to Hit It Out of the Park

Metalhead Software is ready to unleash SMB2 later this summer and to build on the wild success of the first game. You’ll be able to create as many as thirty-two teams, create custom conferences along with being able to customize individuals.

There are so many cool features in the game besides this goodness. Check it out:

  • solo or co-op play with 3 buddies
  • difficulty slider with basic and advanced options
  • team development
  • RPG elements like leveling up
  • solid baseball sim with realistic dynamics
  • team progression
  • 216 players that can each be customized
  • 24 “obnoxious umpires”
  • a variety of ballparks

SMB2 is going to be released this summer for PC via Steam, XBox One and PlayStation 4. Learn more on the official site.

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