Super Mega Baseball 3 Introduces Cross-Platform Leagues

Super Mega Baseball 3 has received a major update that brings a brand new feature to players of the game that launched in May 2020. Starting today, players will be able to take part in Online Leagues that allow them to participate in cross-platform custom leagues across PC, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4. In addition, Metalhead developers announced that the game will soon be part of Amazon’s Luna game service when it launches.

SMB3 Online Leagues include:

  • Online leagues allow up to 32 players to take part regardless of the platform on which they play.
  • Games can be short- or long-term seasons.
  • All statistics will be tracked from the start to completion.
  • Players can customize settings and rules including difficulty level and game length.
  • Play with SMB3 standard teams or custom teams.
  • Leagues can be against random or specific opponents.

“We’re excited to give our users a really interesting way to recruit friends into the game,” says Metalhead Software co-founder Scott Drader. “Between the cross-platform invite codes and the fact new users can get started in Online Leagues with just the trial or demo version of the game, we’re stoked for the potential this mode has to massively grow the SMB community.”

Learn more on the Super Mega Baseball 3 official site.

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