Super Nintendo World to Open in February

Super Nintendo World

Universal Studios Japan has announced that the Super Nintendo World section of its Osaka, Japan theme park will officially open on February 4, 2021. It was originally set to open in Summer 2020 but was delayed due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

Universal released several screenshots to provide a good look at what attendees will see. Photos include a look at the park’s exterior alongside several photos of the signature ride, a Mario Kart rollercoaster ride. The video below comes via the official Universal Studios Japan Twitter and includes a video look at the awesome looking SNW section of the park.

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Super Nintendo World 2

Super Nintendo World 3

Super Nintendo World 4

Super Nintendo World 5

In addition to the screens and brief video, Bloomberg’s Kurumi Mori had the opportunity to check out the Mario Kart ride and confirmed that it will utilize AR headsets. Luckily, she also added, “it’s ON RAILS so no falling off the Rainbow Road!” Along the way, players will “collect items and “throw shells” at other karts,” according to Mori. “Riders set off from Bowser’s castle and race through different scenes including a lava level, underwater, a spooky area, Rainbow Road, and more. The course uses AR, projection mapping, and other tech for immersion.”

Super Nintendo World 1

Check out the Super Nintendo World page on the Universal Studios Japan official site to learn more.

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