Super Nintendo World? It Could Be a Thing Judging by Trademark Filing

It seems that Nintendo wants to go into the theme park business. The company has sent in paperwork in the U.S. for a “Super Nintendo World” trademark.

Super Nintendo World

What makes the filing so interesting is that there could even be a live version of Super Mario Kart. Officially, the language says, “arrangement of kart racing”.

The park will also include video games outside of the traditional arcade setting.

Lastly, the application deals with hotels, restaurants as well as event venues and other things that aren’t directly related to the park.

If you’d like to check out the full trademark application, you can do so here.

Universal Studios in Florida recently released information about a Nintendo park without including many details. The video is more of a concept but gives you an idea of what could be. The legal filing could be a hint that things are ready to progress.

Thanks to GameSpot for the find!

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