Surf World Trailer Makes You Want to Hang Ten

Surf World is an upcoming game from Climax Studios that literally invites you to hang ten. The video features devs speaking about what makes their game so special.

OK, so what makes Surf World unique?

First off, the game is a surfing game. It simply doesn’t get cooler than that, does it?

But that aside, SW offers players five amazing surfing locations including Hawaii, Australia and more. It also includes RPG elements as you work to complete 45 challenges as well as tournament gaming against 15 others.

Perform some of surfing’s most intense and original tricks, including the Superman and Sushi Roll, against a backdrop of stunning horizons, golden coastlines and surging waves. With 6 playable characters, and millions of ways to customise, create your own unique style and rise to notoriety using only your sick skills and slick looks.

Surfers on PC, XBox One and PlayStation 4 will soon be able to shred waves. Check out the official site for more.

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Suzie is an avid gamer and has been since 1995. She lives in the desert with her own personal minion while dreaming of pixel worlds beyond Earth.

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