The Surge Xbox One X Support

The Surge XBox One X

During Microsoft’s presentation at Gamescom 2017 it was announced that over a hundred of games will receive visual updates after the release of Xbox One X, including action RPG The Surge.

Xbox One X Support

Head of Game Design Adam Hetenyi met with DualShockers to provide further insight on the update. According to the interview, the developers are already hard at work on the update and the release is planned to come at about the same time as the DLC A Walk in the Park. Deck 13 also plans to launch a big update for all players, regardless of whether they bought the DLC or not.

However, the Nintendo Switch version of the game is currentlynot in plans. The developers say it is very very very difficult to have the hybrid console run the game normally, and the visual downgrade is not something they’re willing to do. Hetenyi mentioned, though, that if the demand is there, things could change.

More about The Surge

Events of the game take place in a not-too-distant future. It is important for the dev team to make players feel like the events of the game could actually take place. The game follows adventures of Warren who works for CREO company which deals with such problems as global warning.

Following a painful, non-sedated operation he awakens from unconsciousness to find himself in a junkyard outside the factory walls. He’s still alive, but that’s not relevant to the disassembly drones trying to remove that valuable tech scrap from his body… using very sharp tools.

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