Surviving Mars – Life On Mars Teaser Trailer

Surviving Mars

Check your launch list and strap yourselves in for the long voyage to mars. Paradox Interactive, have released a new trailer for the upcoming stategy-sim city builder, Surviving Mars by Haemimont Games. If they sound familiar it’s because they’re the studio behind familiar titles Tropico and the superb ARPG Victor Vran.

Surviving Mars is a strategic simulation city builder in the vein of City Skylines. In addition to planning out an efficient well run colony system the game promises challenges requiring strategy to survive.   The trailer teases a few key systems such as:

  • Dome and building placement
  • Building Types – restaurant, bar, and casino
  • Agriculture Dome with a water reclamation system
  • The radio system and announcer
  • Adding shuttles to transport and manage resources
  • Environmental and weather events
  • Meteor storms as a detrimental event along with laser defense systems
  • A mysterious unknown presence in the form of a weather storm anomaly
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Game Editions

Paradox gives us just a hint of what’s the tools and systems available. This brief glimpse shows how it might fit together in the bigger picture of building up your own thriving colony, what you might face, and a few things in your tactical toolbox. The game releases March 15th  and is available for pre-order right now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One. The Standard Edition includes the base game and sells for $39.99.

The Deluxe Edition, for $49.99, will include an additional in-game radio station with new music, a set of three alternative housing styles, and a set of chromatic shiny utility buildings. Additionally, PS4 users will get a Surviving Mars theme they can add to their library. PC users will get a digital artbook and wallpapers.

The First Colony Edition, retailing for $74.99, includes all the platform-specific content from the Deluxe edition plus the Season Pass. The Season Pass is a bundle of two upcoming expansions and two content packs. The standalone price for the Season Pass is $34.99. So, if you plan on jumping in with both feet the First Colony Edition will save you some money over buying the Deluxe Edition and Season Pass separately.

Pre-order Info

Players who pre-order one of the three editions will receive Stellaris tie-in dome skins. PC players who pre-order will also receive the songs from the in-game radio stations in a standalone soundtrack. PC gamers can pre-order from the Steam Store or directly from Paradox. Console gamers can pre-order the appropriate region version through Paradox here: Playstation 4 and Xbox One.


  1. Really looking forward to this!

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