Surviving Mars: Space Race DLC Review

We are returning to Mars, but this time it’s a race against the other nations of the world to establish dominance over the red planet. If we aren’t careful they may beat us to some of our objectives and take the best spots on the surface. We don’t want the leftover low-level landing zones now, do we? Here is our review of the new Surviving Mars Space Race DLC.

From Developer Haemimont Games and Publisher Paradox Interactive comes the newest expansion for their base builder simulation game, Surviving Mars. Now I originally reviewed Surviving Mars and I loved the game for what it is. It is our chance to explore Mars and build our Martian community. When I was asked to review this DLC I took a look to see what was going to be new and it intrigued me. Without any more gilding the lily, and no more ado, here is what we found with this new update.

As the name implies, this expansion DLC is all about the space race to Mars. Each different country or group wants to make it to Mars first and claim the best spots. Now when I looked into this I saw some updates that make each campaign harder. If you are playing in the space race you will notice how other areas of Mars have been occupied by other factions. This is an important feature to remember. When you look at your objectives you will now see if you have completed the objective, or if the other groups have beat you to it. If they beat you to it then you can no longer complete that objective for yourself. Be quick and be smart about your builds.

Along with the new race against the other factions, comes two new factions that were not in the base game, Japan and Brazil. That’s right our brothers and sisters from Japan and Brazil have thrown their rockets into the sky and headed for Mars. Both of these new groups feature new buildings and vehicles that have been added for them specifically, and there are new buildings and vehicles that have been added to sponsor specific groups as well. This is pretty exciting. As cool as these things are, there are new narrative events that have been launched with these updates as well. These new events will test your dome building skills and give you new challenges to your management skills as well.

Note: Our copy was previewed on Steam with a code provided by PR.

Overall, the new Space Race DLC is pretty cool. There aren’t any graphical updates or anything like that, and honestly, the game doesn’t need them because it is pretty solid as it is. The new additional sponsors and other additions to the game are far more than enough to get you even more excited about playing the game. Available today for $11.69 USD on Steam, that’s a 10% saving off the sticker price, you will want this update for your game.
  • New Sponsors
  • New Vehicles and Buildings
  • Race other sponsors to the win
  • Some DLC features not easily found
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