SubLevel Zero Plunges Onto Nintendo Switch This Year

Strap in, set weapons free, and get ready to escape the clutches of gravity as you blow through waves of enemies. Sigtrap Game’s 360 degree FPS is coming to the Nintendo Switch later this year.

Launching onto the Nintendo’s mobile powerhouse, SubLevel Zero challenges players to steer their very own gunship through a maze of procedurally generated levels. Sigtrap’s awesome looking FPS game comes to the Switch courtesy of Coatsink, the team behind Shu, Esper and They Suspect Nothing. Featuring full 6 degree of freedom action, pilots can fly and fire in any direction. Enemies can also come from any angle in this rouglelite adventure. Lighting up the darkest corners of each unexplored labyrinth, players will need to combine lightning reflexes and a range of blistering energy weapons while waves of enemies circle around their ship.

There are no save points in Sublevel Zero’s descent. Permadeath makes every decision count and ensures that the game’s crafting, upgrade, and blueprint systems can prove decisive. Nintendo Switch owners will get an extra drop on their enemies, however. Gyroscopic aim, as well as an aim & lock, controls are an exciting development for the Switch release.

Sublevel Zero instantly reminds me of a golden age, when I gingerly peeled the floppy disks from the front of PC Format magazine, scraped off the glue, and proceeded to crawl into a demo of Descent. Now, Nintendo Switch owners will have the opportunity to take the chaos and nostalgia on the go. Sublevel Zero is available later this year and will cost $19.99 on the Nintendo eShop.

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