Swarm Is a Fly By Wire VR Shooter Landing This Spring

We’re not entirely sure what to make of it yet but Greensky Games’ Swarm is set to dual wield intense FPS action with some seriously stylish acrobatic action when it hits Oculus platforms later this spring.,

Looking like the sugar buzzed love child of Spiderman and Borderlands, this brand new VR shooter is due to hit Oculus Rift and Quest systems, via Steam, and we’re certainly intrigued to find out more. The premise blends a cell shaded arena shooter with a grappling gun and some high altitude grappling guns to challenge anybody able to keep on target. Players entering this challenging new environment will swing into an area, shooting down cunning enemies, blowing up insectoid opponents and trying to stay hooked onto absolutely anything.

While this fast flowing action game requires hair trigger precision and quick wits, it seems that there should be plenty of upgrades on offer too. A variety of the most powerful weapons are to be found scattered across a total of 21 brightly colored levels and 5 dynamic zones, where you’ll blast through fast paced 10-20 minute matches. Like any decent arena shooter, Swarm promises a global leaderboard so the best can show off their skills and I can hide in mediocrity somewhere near the bottom of that ladder.

If you’ve already managed to burn your way through Outriders, or want something more immersive than a standard gaming monitor can provide then you can check out a bit more about this 360 degree high flyer over on the official website or check out the Early Access giveaway for the next couple of days.

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