Switch Joy-Con Work with PCs Too! HUZZAH!

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If you’ve been dying to use your Switch Joy-Con controllers on PC, you’re in luck. YouTuber DreWoof have confirmed that they do indeed work via BluTooth connection for your computer.

Switch Joy-Con & Pro Controllers

Unlike the Pro controller that pairs up without any additional add-ons, Joy-Cons will need “JoyToKey” to map buttons. Of course, this all comes with the caveat that, you know, both controllers have to work. *boom tiss*

Additional tidbits on controllers: Only one of the pair can work during single-player games though both can be used in two-player games.

It begs to wonder, however, just why anyone would want to use Switch controllers on PC. Do you know?

At any rate, check out the video to see your favorite Joy-Con in action on PC.


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