Switch to Outpace Wii U Sales in Under a Year


Nintendo is pretty excited about Switch these days. The shipment outlook for the new console has been revised from 10M to 14M by the end of fiscal 2017. That means close to 17M shipped units, y’all.

Switch & Nintendo’s earnings

By comparison, Wii U featured total sales of about 13.5M units. As of September 30th, Nintendo Switch has sold over 7.5M. As a result, the company’s outlook for the year is looking up with about a 90% rise in profits. It’s a good year to be a Nintendo investor!

Games have sold well as would be expected. Splatoon as sold over 3.5M and The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild has sold almost 5M to date. These two lead a whopping 27.48M “software” sales for Nintendo’s console.

Other interesting tidbits from the financials:

  • 3DS sales rose 5% thanks to the release of the 2DS XL
  • SNES Classic Edition is selling well, though no specific numbers were released
  • Super Mario Run & Fire Emblem Heroes are doing well on mobile
  • “smart device” sales total $157M, a 425% increase year over year

You can check out more specific numbers and information by visiting the included links.

What about you? Are you a believer?

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