Switchblade Launches into Early Access

Capture points, enemy creeps, and intense combat are all staples of the MOBA genre. It’s something we’ve all become pretty accustomed to, however, the online battle arena is about to take on a new twist as Switchblade, blasts off the starting grid and into early access on PC and PlayStation 4, now!

Set in a future where sports entertainment has changed just a little, Switchblade puts players in the driving seat and launches them into a frantic 5v5 game where the aim is to take down your enemies tower. Piloting something akin to a dune buggy crossed with a tank, players can seamlessly swap between two of these armored vehicles, providing a range of tactical options.

Switchblade is the work of a team of Liverpudlians, Lucid Games, who have taken the established multiplayer battle arena and crossed it with vehicular combat. Clearly taking inspiration from titles such as Rocket League, this fast game crosses creeps with crushing mechanical combat. With a range of classes, fast-paced combat, a variety of upgrades, competitive seasons, and an eye-watering array of customizations, Switchblade already looks like it is going to be a wild ride.

Switchblade is already available on PC, via Steam, and PlayStation 4. Early access adopters can purchase a founders pack including

• 16 Vehicles (plus all future vehicles)
• 16 exclusive vehicle skins
• 3 Day Battle Points Boost
• 500 Bit Cash

PlayStation Plus subscribers will also be able to grab an extra set of VIP skins if that wasn’t already enough decoration. If you like Rocket League but feel like it didn’t have enough explosions, Switchblade might be worth a look.

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