Switchblade Unwraps Holiday Update


It’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas if Christmas feels like several hundred pounds of torque rattling through a smoldering cannon. Switchblade, the vehicular MOBA, has unveiled its holiday update.

If you’ve not strapped into Switchblade before, we covered it back during Gamescom 2018 as one to watch. Now, the early access title is creeping ever closer to its Free-to-play launch. With MOBA style gameplay, fast-paced vehicles, explosive combat, and a ton of customization, Switchblade is a new twist on a well-established genre.

Available on both PlayStation 4 and PC, via Steam, the latest addition to the Switchblade season is live today and there’s a lot to wrap up in this short news parcel. The Switchblade hall of champions will get a new audio accompaniment, with the reintroduction of festive music. Vehicles in Switchblade will also get some shiny news skins that will drive home the merriment. If you ever fancied driving a tanked up reindeer or a huge green present then this is your moment to shine and shoot. Player avatars will get a range of new cosmetic updates too. A variety of new character customization options are dropping into the shop for players to purchase, with this update.

Lucid is also pushing a variety of new balance improvements for certain vehicles, in addition to the colorful cosmetics above. If you feel like delivering some festive firepower to your enemies or just checking the patch notes out for yourself, then find out more about Switchblade on the game’s official website.

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