Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet Headed Out the Gate in February


If you’re a fan of the Sword Art series, you’ll be happy to hear that Fatal Bullet is on its way. You can look for it in February 2018 on Playstation 4 and XBox One as well as on PC via Steam.

Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet

In Fatal Bullet, you’ll find a new third-person shooter mode as well as hybrid ARPG/shooter combat. You’ll also experience a new story by Reki Kawahara, the series’ original author.

During the game, you’ll find new ways to fight including fast-paced jumps, air dashes, wall-to-wall repelling and shooting on the fly. You’ll create your own avatar and become the hero of your adventure. Lastly, you can take part in “massive multiplayer cooperative and competitive modes” with up to 8 players.

Pre-orders are already open and you can score a Silver Assault Gun and avatar costumes for Asuna and Kirito. You’ll be set back about $60 for the preorder.

Check out the official site to learn more.

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