SWTOR – Onslaught Expansion Launch Trailer

Publisher Electronic Arts and the developers from Bioware have released the latest update for MMORPG Star Wars: The Old Republic. Called Onslaught, it will pit players against each other in a war that will decide the fate of the galaxy.

In Onslaught, the Galactic Republic will rally their armies to fend off the overwhelming forces of the Sith Empire as both sides try desperately to achieve victory. The expansion will introduce the dangerous and ancient planet of Onderon as well as Mek-Sha, a lawless den of smugglers and pirates built on a mined-out asteroid. Onslaught also introduces an all-new playable species: Nautolans! The new species is available to unlock for free to any players who subscribed to Star Wars: The Old Republic anytime between September 1 and October 22.

Onslaught also introduces a new flashpoint, an all-new operation set on Dxun, Onderon’s largest moon, enhanced legacy support, new set bonuses and a brand new item type: Tactical items.

Check out the official page to learn more about the expansion.

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