Synth Riders Gets Fit and A Free Music Update

synth riders

Rhythm game Synth Riders is getting an interesting new addition. Not content busting out breakbeats, this popular VR title is due to get new tunes and YUR.FIT integration.

While Just Dance is looking like the last game on Nintendo’s WiiU, Synth Riders takes your two left feet off into the next gen. This eighties inspired VR game requires precise timing and an ability to dance if you. Players are challenged to dive into the VR beats, hit the appropriately colored notes as they fly by you, all while actively avoiding incoming obstacles. With a growing list of synthwave tracks, an official editor, and online leaderboards Synth Riders should keep players tapping along for a good while.

The latest update to these banging tunes is a five-track addition from indie music label FIXIT. Developer Retrowave VR has labeled this free song selection as FiXT Essentials – Vol 1, suggesting we will see more electronic rock tracks from the label. Like Beat Saber, this title requires some definite dexterity to make it through these tracks but Synth Riders is probably going to burn a few more calories.

In order to help gamers get fit in VR, Synth Riders now feature YUR FIT integration. This fitness extension allows players to track their burn and get fit through VR. This startup company are just starting to make virtual waves, but you can find out more about their goal over at the official YUR FIT website.

Synth Riders is already available on Steam and will work with Windows Mixed Reality devices, Valve Index, HTC Vive, and Oculus Rift headsets. It will set you back around £15.49 or the local equivalent while it continues in early access. Get your dancing shoes on and find out more about this update over on the official Synth Riders website.



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