System Shock 3 Footage Revealed

System Shock, the third in the long running System Shock franchise, has just gone public today. Otherside Entertainment dropped a pre-alpha teaser video and it looks pretty stunning.

For those of you that are not aware, Otherside Entertainment is bringing back the System Shock franchise. Not to be confused with the remaster of the original System Shock and System shock 2, this is a wholly new enterprise. Originally under the helm of Starbreeze, this project has been shrouded in mystery and drama for some time. After taking back control of the entire project back at the beginning of the year, Otherside seems to have come on leaps and bounds. Now we’ve got a first glimpse of what to expect.

System Shock ?

For anybody who is not familiar with the original System Shock games, these first-person experiences are considered a classic and the forerunners to many modern horror and sci-fi games. Set on a space station in the year 2072, the original first-person RPG follows the player as they take the guise of a hacker. As a miscreant of authority, the main protagonist must stop the plans of a nefarious artificial intelligence unit known as SHODAN. The follow up to this came out shortly after, compared to the current hiatus, and saw SHODAn once again rise, but in a not too familiar guise. Suffice to say both games were massively successful and highly influential for gaming as a whole. Now we might see a third in the series hit shelves sometime n the near future.

For those about to drop in and watch the trailer, above, you can expect the same sci-fi dystopia, a rogue AI, and an imminent disaster. This all sits alongside some spiffing looking graphical updates and a whole lot of explosions. If you want to keep an eye on the development of this potentially awesome follow up, head over to the official website now for more details.

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