System Shock: Final Art KS Preview

Nightdive Studios published a new System Shock remake pre-alpha gameplay trailer that lets you take a glimpse at the game. The devs promise to show off the combat system next.

The developers have run a successful Kickstarter campaign to raise the funds for the remake of the original 1994’s System Shock. Nightdive Studios planned to release the game in 2017 but announced switching the game engine from Unity to Unreal Engine that postponed the project.

If you missed out on the Kickstarter and still wish to support this project, check out the project’s Backerkit!

A YouTube user named Cycu1 put together a video that compares the graphics from the 2019 Unreal Engine 4 version and the 2017 Unity build.

System Shock Remake despite its success on Kickstarter had some serious trouble during development. Its very first version was powered by Unity Engine and as such it was presented as playable demo when Nightdive Studio launched croudfunding campaign. However Devs decided to throw away that build and start over with Unreal Engine 4 and today, we can see some neat looking effects of that happening, thanks to latest gameplay video published on Studio’s official YT channel. So without further ado, let’s compare both versions of the game. Which one do you like better?

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