Tactical FPS Xenos vs Marines Announced

Gaijin Entertainment and Darkflow Software announced a tactical sci-fi command FPS Xenos vs Marines. Players get to take on a role of Space Marines invading planets as well as facing off against alien defenders.

What else is there to Xenos vs Marines?

Xenos vs Marines will be focused on the story of human advancement and claiming its place in the universe. As Space Marines, players will get to use ultra-advanced weaponry, armor and other tools of conquest. In addition to fighting off alien defenders, Marines should also be ready to survive through hazards and anomalies.

We often see them on TV – the elite heroes of a space-era humanity, fighting on alien planets for the advancement of man, at the expense of others. Every one of us wants to experience epic intergalactic battles in the most unusual and unpredictable circumstances, but this time we have turned traditional storyline on its head and added realism,” says Alexander Poliakov, Producer of Xenos vs Marines. “This is a game about tactics and coordinated efforts. And of course, it’s also about sharp reflexes and  pumping adrenaline.”

The game is currently in earliest stages of development, but players can already take a look at first character and equipment 3D models. Additionally, the developers have shown off some of the early screenshots.


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