Taito Egret II Mini Reservations Bring Retro Hero To The Home

Strictly Limited Gane and ININ Games have opened reservations for the itty bitty Egret II mini home arcade cabinet packed with 40 old school stalwarts of the arcade.

Prepare to dip back to a time when Microsoft just made disk operating systems and Clippy was the cutting edge. The Egret II mini home arcade cabinet is now available for pre-order and will come brimming with iconic retro games. The take home arcade icon is a small scale incarnation of the Taito arcade cabinet, in the same livery ad featuring the same familiar curves. The recreation will come in at just 5000 units with an exclusive Limited Blue edition being shipped to players in western regions. It comes with a 5-inch color 4:3 rotating screen for horizontal and vertical alignment, an adjustable joystick to switch from 8 directions to 4, but we’re just as interested in the software under the hood.

Included in the Egret II mini are more than 40 arcade classics and with its Taito branding, we expect this to include the same range of titles as shipped in the Japanese launch. Expect Space Invaders, Kaiser Knuckle, Bubble Bobble, Elevator Action, and more. There should be an additional 10 titles up for sale after launch too.

For anybody already rushing to their wallet, prices start at 229.99$ / 199.99€ (excluding tax and shipping costs). There will be three exclusive editions available with added extras for your enjoyment

EGRET II mini – Limited Blue Edition Bundle: This edition will include the EGRET II mini – Limited Blue Edition, a special cup & cup holder, and a set of mini instruction cards for the true retro arcade feeling. This bundle does not include any of the three optional controllers, which can be purchased separately.
EGRET II mini – Arcade Cabinet Blue Edition: This very special package will include the EGRET II mini – Limited Blue Edition, plus the Paddle and Trackball Expansion Set that comes with a controller and 10 additional games on SD card. On top of that, retro fans get a set of mini instruction cards, a special TAITO/ZUNTATA anniversary soundtrack and a strategy book.
EGRET II mini – Game Center Blue Edition: The most extensive edition that includes all the content of the Arcade Cabinet Blue Edition plus the other two available optional EGRET II mini controllers and even more awesome physical collectibles.

egret collectibles

To grab the Egret II mini head over to the Gamesrocket website now or for the expanded bundles steer yourself to the Strictly Limited games website.

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