Take a Deep Dive Into Madden NFL 21

During last week’s EA Play event, the company teased Madden NFL 21 though the gameplay shown was scarce. However, EA is making up for it by releasing a brand new “deep dive” of all the game’s features and new additions. Some of the features viewers get a look at include updated pass-rush mechanics, the Skill Stick ball-carrier system, additional animations for the quarterback when passing under pressure, and the game’s more realistic open-field tackling. Lastly, for those who like to show the other team who’s boss, EA has added some new taunts to be used after a big play.

Developers are committed to giving players more options to play the game more creatively. For instance, the pass-rush mechanics allow players to find new ways and use new controls in an effort to beat the defenders to get to the quarterback. The Skill Stick mechanic has added to new animations to give players flexibility when running the ball.

Madden NFL 21 is slated for release on August 28th for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. Check out the official site to learn more.

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