Take A Gander At Untitled Goose Game Multiplayer

If you thought that Untitled Goose Game didn’t quite have enough HONK then get ready because the choas is about to get a multiplayer mode.

Developed by the team at House House, Untitled Goose Game is something of a viral phenomenon that crash landed into gamers hands last year. Now the chaotic little animal RPG is about to get double the trouble as the snarky white protagonist is about to get a friend. Yup, Untitled Goose Game is getting local multiplayer. We caught the announcement over on social media and it appears that if you already have a copy of Untitled Goose Game, you can expect to start stealing flower pots and knocking over garden furniture with friends around 23 September.

For those of you that don’t have the slightest clue what we’re honking about then Untitled Goose game is something of an odd adventure. Placing players in the webbed shoes of a nameless goose, it challenges players to steal items, solve puzzles, honk, and just generally be a jerk to the local residents of a small town. With little to no dialogue and a bright aesthetic, it’s the kind of low key catharsism that really just lets you revel in being a snark. Available on PC, PC, Nintendo Switch, PS4 and Xbox One it has been something of a success since it initially launched, and the Melbourne based developers are recipients of several industry awards.

If you are itching to get into game again, then you’ll have one big issue to solve. Each of the two geese available come with their own distinctive honking sound. While that is great for telling your friend and you apart, it means you’ll have to decide what type of annoying avian noise you want to make. On the plus side, the new addition to Untitled Goose Game is utterly free of charge. If you want to check out the upcoming update then head over to the official website for more information as it drops or have a gander at the teaser video above.

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