Take A Look At The Incredible World of Elsie

Elsie just got a new trailer today, and we get a deeper look at this hyperkinetic platformer.

Knight Shift Games and Playtonic, the same name behind ,Yooka-Laylee, have uploaded a new trailer for the technicolor rogue lite platformer Elsie. The publishing arm behind games like NAME just released a bunch of new detail about this blistering robotic adventure, and the world that Elsie has to save. Taking a deeper look at positronic protagonist Elsie might be the obvious choice, but this trailer features the bosses and biomes of this upcoming title. Over the course of 3 and a bit more minutes, this teaser takes us all on a whirlwind tour of this neon world, from the starting spires of Sapir Wharf to the Eclipse Skyport and beyond. Each of the environments come with their own challenges, enemies to blast away, and even more exotic places to check out afterwards.

Before players visit the lush nature coated kingdoms beyond, waves of enemies harass Elsie and there are massive boss battels to crush. In this instance, the new trailer features some of these epic battels, and a demonstration of the biome Guardians, like Celestia. These Guardians are more than mere hard modes and are expected to be an epic test of skill and strategy. Thankfully there are tons of augments and weapons available to take them down with.

Alongside a neon drenched aesthetic and a cool digital soundtrack, Elsie looks like an incredibly stylish adventure in a wonderful sci-fi tinged world. Elsie is set to come to Nintendo Switch and Steam soon. You can get hands on with Elsie by trying out the demo on the official Steam Store page now.

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