Take A Look At The Story of Stonefly

Developer Flight School Studio has been busy reminding us why we love indies with a new trailer explaining more about the story of upcoming adventure Stonefly.

Small critters, shiny mechs, and giant adventure are all on offer as Flight School Studio’s creative director, Adam Volker took to the internet to record a little 101 about the studio’s upcoming trip into adventure. Announced around a month ago, with a gorgeous trailer, this chill and utterly tranquil action-adventure game is more than just a unique art style.

Set in an oversized world, or starring a teeny tiny protagonist, Stonefly puts players firmly in control of an ingenious mech, allowing this title to glide among beautiful flora and dangerous fauna, confronting hungry bugs, adventures, and memorable characters. While there’s plenty of options to unlock and upgrade your mech to take on the most ferocious insects, that’s not quite what Stonefly is all about. The latest update, ahead of this game’s PC release takes us on a deeper dive into the story behind these upcoming travels. Volker takes just two minutes to lay out everything you need to know about the hero Annika, the Acorn Corps, and the wonderful looking world she explores.

With a mix of unique looking art work and a heartwarming story of self-discovery at its core, Stonefly is worth keeping an eye on and feels not too far away from our recent review of Lost Words. To find out more about Stonefly, check out the official website now or have a watch of the story of Stonefly trailer above.

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