Take On The Curse Of The Serpent Queen With Our Metin 2 Giveaway

Metin 2 Giveaway Curse of the Serpent Queen banner

Yesterday, Gameforge released a new terror on Metin 2 in a brand new update. Now, you can get in on our Metin 2 giveaway and win some powerful new upgrades to overcome The Curse Of The Serpent Queen.

For anybody who missed the news yesterday, Gameforge has just added yet another update to one of its biggest, and longest running, MMORPG. Metin 2’s Curse of the Serpent Queen is a sizable new follow on from the recent Conquerors of Yohara update and sets out east to a whole new era of adventure. The brand new narrative also crams in a ton of dungeons, open world areas, loot, and a cursed army or serpent people who will turn the world to ruin if you don’t manage to vanquish them. So, no pressure.

In order to aid you on your journey, Gamespace and Gameforge are offering you the chance to win some in game gear that should help put plenty of serpent heads on pikes. All you have to do to win is head down below and pop in an email address. No sharing, no reposting, no annoying your friends with another tag. Just drop in your email and you could win. We’ve got 20 sets of the following loot to give away, which you give you a great head start in Metin 2.


• A Teleportation Ring to get you right into the action without hanging about
• One Golden War-Ochs
• A set of Thief’s Gloves to gear up
• A Third Hand
• One Lucky Medal

The Metin 2 giveaway will run from right now until Saturday 27 February when the winners will receive their prizes, so keep an eye on your emails.


Redeem Your Prize Code

Once you receive your prize code, you’ll be able to log into Metin 2 and redeem your prize code in game, Once you’ve used the code, you’ll receive the items. There are absolutely no other restrictions. Just do the following to grab your gold:

  • Click the Golden Coin symbol to open Metin2 Item Shop
  • Press the menu drawer in the top-right section of the Item Shop window and select “Redeem Code”
  • Enter your code in the text field and click “Redeem”
  • Wait for LOOOT!

If you’re new to Metin 2, this long running MMORPG, Metin 2 is one of Gameforge’s most successful titles, launching players into a legendary oriental action MMO. With tons of content, plenty of classes, and this brand new Curse Of The Serpent Queen update, this might be the best time to slay some serpents.

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