Take part in the Field of Valor in Black Desert Mobile

Black Desert Mobile

Pearl Abyss has announced that the Field of Valor has landed in Black Desert Mobile for a limited time. The event will be live through the arrival of the next game update.

In Field of Valor, players can party up with friends or guild members to take part in an epic 30-minute battle against ever-increasing waves of monsters. Each wave will feature a different type of monster, so players need to be prepared for anything. To enter the Field of Valor, players will need to spend tokens of valor that are earned through daily log in rewards or as rare drops during normal gameplay. Once in FoV, players battle monsters with all drops being shared by participants. Rewards include weapons, armor, gold coins, Dark Energy, and “large amounts of silver”.

“In addition, the Shakatu’s Shop event will also be available for one week. In Shakatu’s Shop, you can buy weapons and armor with ancient gold coins, a type of currency available in Black Desert Mobile. When you make purchases at Shakatu’s Shop, the level of the gear you obtain will be random, but you can purchase as many items as you can afford. The type of items you can receive ranges from normal to mystical, the most powerful items currently available.”

Learn more by visiting the Black Desert Mobile official site.

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