Talent Not Included coming to Xbox One

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Today Microsoft and Frima announced that last year’s hit indie platformer Talent Not Included is coming to Xbox One on April 5th. Sporting cylindrical platforming, tons of combat, absurd humor, and local co-op, Talent Not Included tells the tale of three bored toys who love Shakespeare and decide to put on their own performance when no one’s looking.

About Talent Not Included

Talent Not Included brings a whole new platformer gameplay experience, with its cylinder-based action machinery! This exciting mechanic is suited for casual and hardcore gamers alike, as it introduces a completely innovative and never-seen-before kind of game.

If you’re the kind of player that likes to go co-op, this game has it all! Go head-to-head with your girl/boy/undetermined/other friend(s) and show them the lovely paper craft-inspired art style that will have everyone talking. Seriously though, everyone!

When life just gets dull, let Talent Not Included be the change you need, a change that will have you pinned to your couch in hopes of beating a game that keeps on delivering!

BE WARNED: This is a fun game for fun people only. If you feel like you meet these qualifications, gear up and bring on the talent, for Talent Not Included is about to give you the time of your life, or your money not back (nice try, though).

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