Tales Of Crestoria Is Out Now

Tales Of Crestoria Is Out Now

Tales of Crestoria, the latest entry in the Tales Of series, is finally here and fans can download the title on iOS and Android now.

After initial development announcements back in late 2018 and several million pre registrations, Tales of Crestoria is finally live to play. While the app opened up pre loading yesterday, a series of social media announcements kicked off the global launch of the latest Tales Of title, just hours ago. This isn’t the first time Tales Of Crestoria has seen the light of day. The mobile exclusive experience, produced by Bandai Namco, hit Open Beta in May 2020, for selected territories and received positive feedback, so today’s launch should hopefully be hiccup free.

Tales Of Crestoria is a free to play mobile adventure but looks much like other Tales Of stories. The 3D anime aesthetic is joined by s narrative that puts players at the heart of a conflict between love and duty. It follows the fate of Kanata, the only son of a respected village leader who runs an orphanage. One night a tragedy befalls Misella, a girl on his care that Kanata started harboring feelings for. In order to save her from her fate, Kanata commits a grave crime with blood ending up on both their hands. From here, they are forced into hiding, chased by powerful enforcers and live outside society as sinners.

Tales of Crestoria looks to set in motion a whole new arc for the Tales Of series with a new story, original characters, and a brand new format for the series. While you’ll be able to explore a whole new world on mobile, gamers should still be able to experience a familiar 3D world and turn based combat familiar to tales Of, even engaging in multiplayer encounters too.

Tales Of Crestoria certainly looks the part and even includes the work of some major names in the industry, Like WIT Studio, the same outfit responsible for animation on series like Attack on Titan and Blaze Blue. I know we’re already getting into this adventure, and If you are a Tales Of fan then you can head over to the official Tales of Crestoria website now to check out the launch and download the game via the iOS App Sotre and Android Play Store now.


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