Tales of Luminaria – Meet Lydie Delacroix, Raoul & Charles

Tales of Luminaria Introduces More Characters

The mobile jRPG Tales of Luminaria from Bandai Namco Entertainment continues introducing players to its character cast. The game maintains the series’ core theme of “Encounters that change the world”, but has a whole new original story and characters. It can be enjoyed by both those who are familiar with the series and those who are not, through new challenges and new experiences mentioned in the show.

Tales of Luminaria will bring a new mobile game experience, with its ensemble drama type of system that plays out from 21 different perspectives showing their way of life and the bonds they share with their friends. These unique 21 protagonists, designed by Shun Saeki, grow as they clash with each other over their own “justice”. Every time you play through the stories of the various characters, you will learn more about the characters’ true intentions, and the world around them.

Tales of Luminaria – Lydie Delacroix

A young genius, she was working hard at research and absorbing knowledge while in the mansion where she was under de facto house arrest. The books she read in her spare time gave her concerns about the world, resulting in her setting out on a journey to prove her hypothesis.

Tales of Luminaria – Raoul

A self-described archaeologist who claims that his job is to investigate and study ruins. He, in fact, has a profound knowledge of the subject, but those around him have deep suspicions nonetheless. He is at that delicate age where he stubbornly rejects any suggestion that he is old.

Tales of Luminaria – Charles

A loyal supporter of Ana-Maria who always puts her first and acts accordingly. He, however, has a sharp tongue and treats everyone other than his lady like the scum of the earth.

Tales of Luminaria, the latest mobile installment in the “Tales of” series, has opened up pre-registration for iOS and Android devices.

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