Talos Guided Tour – Wall to Wall with Prey’s House of Horrors

Talos is the home away from home for the scientific team floating around in space. Developers sent out a brand new trailer to take viewers on a wall-to-wall tour of this ship of nightmares.

Talos might have been nice once….

Once upon a time, Talos was quite the showpiece. It features a grand lobby, spacious well-stocked labs, dormitories as well as industrial areas. Developers have provided gamers with a huge and varied number of locations to explore.

Prey is also about the space station itself. A shining testament to mankind’s unbridled ambitions, It is more than the setting for Prey. It’s also full of secrets to discover and hidden layers to uncover. But, most of all, Tit poses a unique threat to the player all by itself.

And then there’s this cool contest

Bethesda has partnered with Gamestop for the “Talos I Recruitment Sweepstakes. One lucky winner will get a wicked cool trip to Space Camp. If that’s not enough, they’ll also score a 4K entertainment system that includes a 65” TV, a home theater speaker system and a Prey custom console. Anyone can sign up through May 25th by heading here.

Prey is due out on May 5th for PC, XBox One and PlayStation 4. Console players can also grab a Prey demo on April 27th.

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