Tank Warfare Tunisia 1943 Blends RTS & Turn-Based Combat

Tank Warfare

Tank Warfare Tunisia 1943 is a cool game that blends RTS and turn-based combat. It features  accurate WWII strategy wrapped up in a hardcore game style. The historically accurate game will be out on Steam in May 2017.

Tank Warfare Tunisia 1943

History buffs will love the realism that the game offers including  soldiers with true life behaviors from both Axis & Allied forces. In addition, over 50 vehicles will bring the BANG to your WWII adventures.

Set in North Africa, the game will see players taking part as commanders of US, UK or German forces. It is an historically accurate way to relive brutal fights.

The game is published by Strategy First and developed by Graviteam. You may know them as the good folks behind Steel Armor: Blaze of War as well as Graviteam Tactics: Operation Star.

No further information is out yet, though we’ve been promised a trailer and more information ahead of the May release. In the meantime, we’ll keep you posted!

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