Tastee Royale – Guns & Gladiators Tournament


Tastee: Lethal Tactics is a strategy title that puts you in a director’s shoes. Hire mercs, whip them into team-shape and use them in missions. It is up to players to control units and execute master plans while also using every tool in their disposal.

Single-player mode features 30 missions across 10 unique randomized maps as well as roster of 12 mercenaries. Players can also take part in single player challenges or competitive online co-op.

The game currently offers 67% discount on Steam.

Tastee Royale – Guns & Gladiators Tournament

Guns & Gladiators Tournament is a PvP event, featuring single-elimination bracket. Additionally, players will be able to compete in a brand new map. Called the Backyard Colosseum, it is a makeshift arena built for both long-range and close-quarter fights. It consists of combination of tight corridors and long lanes. The map will also have breakable barriers and explosive barrels for maximum chaos.

Want the map for free? For the month of April we will be giving DLC keys away for free to everyone in the TASTEE Elite.

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