Team 17 Will Bring Age Of Darkness: Final Stand To Early Access Next Month

Team 17 and Playside Studios have announced a publishing partnership that will bring Age Of Darkness: Final Stand to gamers, as the title hits Early Access on 7 October.

Things are set to turn a little dark as the publisher behind Moving Out, Worms, and next year’s Batora: Lost Haven announces a new publishing deal to bring Age Of Darkness: Final Stand to players. This world filled with for and scarred by battle will spill onto PC via Steam’s Early Access platform on 7 October and we’re hoping you’ll survive the encounter. Unlike shoot first and ask questions later zombie apocalypses, this top-down tale of magic will require strategic planning and careful execution to beat back the never-ending evil that is present in this fearsome new realm.

Players picking up Age Of Darkness: Final Stand will find themselves at the centre of an unforgiving adventure. During the day, you’ll need to gather resources, fortify defences, and recruit anybody willing to fight. the night, however, won’t bring any respite. After building plenty of protection and preparing your troops using a dedicated skill tree, the descent of darkness brings a wave of nightmares. Swarms of enemies pile out of the Veil’ a dynamic fog that conceals enemies and drains the life from a player’s forces, while Playside Studio’s dedicated ‘SwarmTech’ crams over 70, 000 enemies on screen at once.

The sheer scale of the onslaught is best seen for yourself. Have a peek at the horrors that await event eh truest of heroes in Age Of Darkness: Final Stand. If you’re interested in taking on these hordes first hand then Team 17’s latest is open to wishlist now and will exit the Veil next month.

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