Team Fortress 2’s Soldier Voice Actor Succumbs to COVID-19

Rick May

The voice actor behind some of the most well-known and beloved video game characters of all time has passed away from COVID-19. Rick May, 79, was the voice behind popular Soldier from Team Fortress 2, one of the world’s longest-running and most-played games. May also voiced Peppy from Star Fox 64 and he was the narrator of Age of Empires II. May had been in a rehabilitation facility since February when he suffered a stroke. While in residence at the care center, he contracted the coronavirus. The announcement of May’s passing was made by the Rekindle School, a program in Seattle Washington that works with budding actors and filmmakers.

“During his long and rewarding theatrical career, Rick directed or appeared in over 300 shows, ranging from Shakespeare to musical comedy. The long time artistic director of Renton Civic Theatre and Civic Light Opera, Rick worked over many decades as a freelance actor and director.  He also toured in the award-winning one-man play, Bully!  An Adventure with Teddy Roosevelt.”

“In addition to his appearance in major motion pictures, TV shows, and commercials, Rick was featured in many popular video games.  In “Star Fox 64” he was the voice of Peppy Hare and Andross, in “Age of Empires II” he was the narrator and voice of Genghis Khan, and was The Soldier in the ongoing game series “Team Fortress II.”

“Rick had suffered a stroke in February and had been moved into the nursing home for rehabilitation. Unfortunately, he caught the COVID-19 coronavirus when he was there. He was moved to Swedish hospital where he received care before he passed on.”

“Rick was a wonderful teacher whose classes and students meant the world to him. He’ll be deeply missed.”

We send our condolences to Mr. May’s family and friends. Let’s all get out there and play as Soldier today in his honor.

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