Tech Support: Error Unknown Boots Up This Feb

Tech Support: Error Unknown

Unexpected errors, thermal shutdowns, vanishing data, and dark multi-layered conspiracies. It seems that the life of the local IT department just got a lot more interesting. Get ready to take on the man as Iceberg Interactive reveal the launch details for Tech Support: Error Unknown.

Hello, IT

Developed by indie outfit Haarlem, and due out on 27 Feb, Tech Support: Error Unknown takes players on a deep dive into the darker side of my own day job. As a new employee for Quasar Telecommunications, players must resolve a range of technical puzzles. Simulating a day in front of Quasar’s remote support terminal, techies must take calls from customers and use a range of tools to scan profiles, find lost phones, or just turn things off and back on again.

This might sound mundane but Quasar Technologies are involved in a feud with a rogue hacktivist group. Stumbling upon this information opens up a whole new set of moral conundrums. Players will be able to help the hackers, alert authorities, or even just aim for their own personal gain. Blackmail, subversion, and downright deception suddenly make the helpdesk a lot more interesting in Tech Support: Error Unknown.

To keep things fresh, Tech Support: Error Unknown is a little different from other narrative adventures, providing players with a sandbox computer environment, thereby allowing techs to try out any number of solutions to a problem. Caller dialogue is generated using a novel procedural dialogue system that should enhance the game’s replay value, alongside a number of alternative endings. Get your login for Quasar Tech’s Spectrum system on Feb 27, when Tech Support: Error Unknown loads onto PC, Mac, and Linux. For full technical specifications check out the official website.

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