Telltale’s Walking Dead Season 1 Free on Humble Store


For two days, Telltale’s Walking Dead Season 1 is free for PC and Mac on the Humble Store. The free game is possible thanks to Humble’s End of Summer Sale.

Telltale’s Walking Dead Series

You can get your copy very simply by visiting this page on the Humble Bundle site. Just click “add to cart”, go to check out and BOOM! Done!

You’ll probably like knowing that the game is based on the comic series and is a GotY winner. While you play, you will make decisions that will affect everything from that moment as well as a lot of things further down the road. You’ll meet people and locations that hint at the arrival of Rick Grimes as well as run into Glenn, explore Hershel’s farm and much more.

You’ll have to have your thinking cap on, however, as sometimes there won’t be a moment to hesitate. Those are the easy ones. You’ll make difficult, even catastrophic decisions, both for yourself and for others. You’ll pretty much do anything to keep the undead as far from you as (im)possible.

The best part is that, if you love the game, you can get the other four episodes to take the story from start to finish.

You can head to the Humble page both to order the game (FREE!) as well as to learn more.

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