Temtem Update is One of the Game’s Biggest Ever


Humble Games and Crema have announced that the next update for Temtem will be deployed later today, Tuesday, April 13th. The patch will bring a boatload of new content to the pet collecting MMO including Cipanku Island where players will encounter the first Mythical creature.

Tamers will be headed to Cipanku Island where a number of new features have been added including:

  • a rare creature type that humans created in the Nanto Laboratories. These Tems come with new Trails and Techniques and, oddly enough, they are weak to themselves. They’re strong against Mental, Melee, and Digital types and weak to Water, Electric, and Digital types.
  • Mythical Tems will be available and are found in multiplayer Lairs. 3-5 players can take on Lairs to try to capture one.
  • the new and much-requested teleport system will be able to be unlocked on Cipanku.

For this update, we recommend having your team leveled up to at least level 50, but as usual, the higher the better! For team suggestions, Mudrid and Grumper are valuable allies, and a Nessla with Electric Synthesize should carry you far, too. You can find these in Tucma, Kisiwa and Deniz, respectively. On Lairs, keep in mind that they can be re-done as many times as needed until you complete, but they’re challenging. Do your best to save the key resources to unlock the Mythical battle, or it will all be for naught.

Check out the Temtem blog on the PlayStation site or head to the official site to learn more.

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