Tencent Snaps Up Minority Stake in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Studio


Tencent, a global gaming enterprise, has snapped up a minority stake in Bluehole Studio. According to rumors, Tencent tried to buy the studio outright but was turned back. Bluehole is best known for the smash hit, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds.

Tencent & Global Gaming

It’s not a big surprise that PUBG got the gaming giant’s attention. With over four million copies sold in early access, and with more players taking part on Steam than any other non-Valve title, it’s no wonder a buyout attempt was made. However, Bluehole managed to hold off the company which had to settle for a minority stake instead. There is no word yet how large the “minority” stake is or how much Tencent paid for the privilege.

Insiders are expecting to hear an announcement that PUBG will be making its debut in China in the near future. There has not, of course, been any information released by either company, but it is likely to come soon.

Bluehole, in addition to PUBG, developed TERA, first released in 2011 and published in North America by En Masse Entertainment.


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