Tencent reveals SYNCED: Off-Planet, a PvPvE experience


Tencent has unveiled its next major title currently in development by NExT Studios, part of the gaming conglomerate. Called SYNCED: Off-Planet, the game is considered a PvPvE experience that pits up to 50 players against one another and a horde of 1,000 Nanos. Nanos are corrupted, human cyborgs.

Information is a bit scarce, but we do know a few things. Players can take part in groups or solo. The journey begins by working to get prepared for the fight ahead. This includes crafting gear and escorting non-combatant NPCs to shuttles to evacuate Earth. The real fight is for players to survive long enough to make it off-planet as well which includes heated battles with Nanos as well as one another.

Solo play sounds pretty unforgiving. Those who choose to group up will stand a better chance to capture and defend shuttles leaving Earth. In addition, match success is dependent on gathering resources and taking out opposing teams along the way. The more resources gathered, the better the equipment and the base becomes through upgrades, etc. As players accrue experience through these matches, it can be used to upgrade both active and passive abilities.

In one of the more unique twists, players can “sync” Nanos to use them tactically for offensive and defensive maneuvers. Players can also sync with one another to better understand each other’s location on the map.

Check out IGN’s preview for more information.

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