Tencent Unveil Syn, A Cyberpunk FPS for PC and Console

It looks like CD Projekt Red aren’t the only ones with a cyberpunk aesthetic as Tencent unveiled Syn, a cyberpunk open-world shooter for PC and Console.

Unveiled at Tennent’s annual conference, held last night, Syn is a highly stylized Cyberpunk open-world shooter coming to both PC and console platforms sometime I the near future. Yesterday’s reveal was less a firm set of details and comes closer to a tech demo. Featuring Unreal graphics tech and developed by Tencent’s own Lightspeed and Quantum Studios, Syn puts players in a future cyberpunk city where they can build and customise their very own avatar. Picking one of three factions, it appears that player ill get the opportunity to play with the type of tuning that might be more at home in an MMORPG, such as hair, facial cosmetics, and body types.

Other Additions

We also know that gamers will be able to pick a pet, and we don’t mean that they will be able to pet the kitty. Pets in Syn look moe like cyborg tanks than housebound companions. We get a glimpse of one armoured tiger and another weaponised bear in last night’s tech demo. Each of these pets, again, comes with their own customizable looks and traits. The inclusion of a vehicle system, that appears to allow players to drive, suggests that Syn is going to be a sizable map, maybe dwarfing what we normally expect from a run and gun royale. While we don’t know how deep this all goes, it’s certainly an intriguing new title form the Chinese game’s company, that is yet to find the same dominance in the western desktop market that it finds in other regions.

While this isn’t the only game that Tencent announced last night, it is possibly the most intriguing. You can check out the tech demo for Tencent’s new Cyberpunk FPS above and find out more about Syn as we get it. For now, you’ll have to make do with one of the many battle royales available now, until this open-world title arrives.


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