Tequila, Explosions, And A Spiky Hero Hit PC & Console As Flipping Kaktus Launches

Flippin Kaktus, a revenge driven platformer starring a cactus, is out now on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, and Nintendo Switch.

Sometimes there are concepts that just grab you by the bananas and while this might not be My Friend Pedro, Flippin Kaktus is an equally angry inanimate object. Out for revenge after its house was raided by the cartel, this new platforming adventure will see players getting back their sister, and eventually returning to that card game.

Developed by rage++ and published by No Gravity Games, Flippin Kaktus might not be a big budget release, but this mean green tequila fuelled brawler is full of charm. Channelling plenty of 80s platform grime, this tale twists and turns with plenty of vicious retribution. You can pick the way you want to take on the cartel, bashing cartel goons to bits or going into Use Kaktus rage mode to make thugs get what they deserve. Fuel up with tequila and other adrenaline-pumping substances to annihilate the cartel into oblivion. If you’d rather not engage in a face to face confrontation then, traps are available and you’ll even be able to upgrade your adventure with extra armor too.

Whether you choose to sneak up on the goons that took your sister or just go bananas and blast them away, there are tons of way to get through this tale. With plenty of retro chic, an odd idea that seems bizarrely charming, and plenty of enemies to blow through Flippin Kaktus certainly seems unique. Flipping Kaktus is out now, check out more in the trailer above or on the Steam Store page before picking up this green vigilante.

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