Terminator 2 Scenes Recreated Within GTA 5

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Kramers Media has done something utterly cool. The talented Russian group has made an hour-long film honoring Terminator 2 and it was all done inside Grand Theft Auto 5.

Terminator 2 & GTA 5

The video is not the whole movie, of course, but it features some of the best-known scenes. You can think of it as a “greatest hits” version of Terminator 2. You’ll see scenes such as GTA5 Arnold rising naked  on arrival as well as when he roars off on a stolen motorcycle. He even comes complete with iconic shades and leather jacket. And don’t miss the new Terminator version emerging out of the flames.

The amount of work recreating the scenery, the actors, the costuming, even the sometimes pretty funny lip-synching, is absolutely astonishing. If you love Terminator 2, you simply canNOT miss this!

The original version of the fan project is in Russian, though the team has included an English version as well.

Hasta la vista, baby…

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