Terraria Gets A New Update On PlayStation and Xbox

Terraria, the massive 2D sandbox adventure just turned ten and launched the Journey’s End update on PS4 and Xbox One.

After a decade of open-ended adventuring, fans of Terarria can experience the Journey’s End update on Sony’s Playstation4. The latest update for console owners of Terraria. Available to jump into now, the new update is also available to anybody who splashed out on an XBOX Series S|X or PlayStation 5, thanks to backward compatibility. , and adds a ton of new features for fans of the long-running title.

Journey’s End adds a ton of new content to Terraria, giving new and old players new modes, bosses, enemies, and quality of life changes. Delving into Master Mode, Terrarians can take on increasingly difficult combat scenarios where each boss gets more difficult along the way, but the rewards are also enhanced. There’s the chance to take on some of the game’s new bosses too, like the bullet hell-inspired Empress of Light and the imposing Queen Slime.

For those more focused on a more laid-back experience then the new Journey mode provides extra options like item duplication, weather control, adjustable spawn rates, difficulty sliders, and much more. That should give explorers time to take a peek at the new Bestiary codex, or maybe you’ll just want to bring the sun out while playing golf? Either way, Journey’s End is a great way to round off ten years of Terraria and have just another go in this multi million selling title.

These are, just the headline changes, and don’t even touch the quality of life improvements that you’ll get with the new Terraria update. To find out more, check out the official website now. Alternatively, grab Terraria on Xbox and PlayStation platforms for £13.59 or local equivalent. Terraria is also available across Nintendo Switch, PC, mobiles, and a raft of other options.

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