Terraria Sold Over 20 Million Copies


Re-Logic has put up a new forum post on Terraria site. In it team celebrates the huge milestone the game went through. Since the launch of the game in May 2011 it sold over 20 million copies. And, of course, the team thanks the players for their continued support.

We owe so much of that to the amazingly strong and loyal support of each member of our community. To say that we are ecstatic about how our little game has grown – in content, in quality, and in success – is putting it mildly!

Some Terraria facts

The team also shared some fun facts about the game. Terraria has made a huge progress since the day of release. Originally released for PC, it has since been ported to about every platform out there. From 250 available items the game has gone all the way to about 3800. The amount of enemies has also increased drastically: from 20 in 2011 to 350 as of today!

You can check the rest of the facts and follow the discussion on the Terraria forum.

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  1. This is just insane. Like Minecraft, I just can’t get into it. But I know plenty of gamers who don’t like MMOS as much as I do.

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