Tertis 99 Offline Multiplayer Drops In New DLC

Tetris 99 Offline Multiplayer

Tetris 99 Offline Multiplayer is coming. The blockbusting Nintendo Switch title is getting a second DLC and it includes this interesting new feature.

An update on Nintendo’s official Japanese website has confirmed that Tetris 99, the massive multiplayer Tetris titles, will be getting a second DLC pack. The first of the Tetris 99 DLC packs launched earlier this year. It ended up being infamous as it slotted offline mode into the game for an additional fee. Now the game that puts 99 competitors head to head in a kind of Tertis royale style battle will get multilayer mode.

Split Screen Action?

The official post, found here, not give a huge amount of information for anybody wanting to get in early. We do not know what the offline multiplayer mode exactly means. This could give players the option of wireless local play or even split screen competitive modes. It is unlikely that the Nintendo Switch is going to be technically capable of hosting a fully fledged 99 person Tetris tournament in offline mode but that doesn’t mean we won’t see any surprises.

We do know that the game update will hit before the end of the year and looks to be priced at around 1000 JPY. From this detail, it is reasonable to assume that the update will come in at around $10, as per the first DLC.

IF you haven’t gone head to head with Tetris 99 you’re missing the latest iteration of the Tetris franchise. Released on Nintendo Switch it allows players to ply their Tetris skills against 98 other players in a massive multiplayer tournament. With just one winner, in the end, it is a fast-paced version of the classic puzzler for a new generation. You can find out more about Tetris 99 and get some practice over at the Nintendo eShop now.

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