Tetris 99 Gets Physical Release

tetris 99 physical

Put the Lego to one side, there are some new building blocks to get your hands on as Tetris 99 gets a physical release in the west.

It seems that Tetris 99 is something of a runaway success for Nintendo since its launch in February 2019. Now the classic block-busting puzzle is about to get a physical release for the Nintendo Switch. Announced a few hours ago via Nintendo social media, the physical release delivers the latest iteration of the Tetris franchise into gamers hands on 20 September. The western version of this puzzler comes not long after Nintendo confirmed that Japan was getting a physical release and it will feature more than just the core gameplay.

Players picking up the boxed copy will get the core Tertis 99 game, the Big Block DLC package, and a 12 month Nintendo Switch Online subscription. The inclusion of the Big Block DLC provides players with the option of two offline modes for the game that you can find out more about here. This doesn’t look like the end of it either with more gameplay modes incoming for Tetris99. The Nintendo Switch Online sub will, obviously, allow players to get online and go head to head with another 98 competitors in the game’s blockbusting online mode.

If you haven’t tried out Tetris 99 yet and have a Nintendo online subscription then you can get the core game for free. The game features the classic Tetris block elimination gameplay but ramped up into a battle royale head to head elimination mode against 98 other competitors. If you are intrigued, keep your eyes on Gamespace. When we have more news on this upcoming addition to the franchise or, indeed, a price we will let you know.

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